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We are ISO 13485 certified
Manufacturing of medical devices and equipment: where reliability is essential.
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Total control of the raw material and all processes until the full integration is achieved at your plant.
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From the purchase of supplies, manufacturing design, engineering to production, tests, logistics and life cycle.
Understanding the solution
Not even the sky is the limit
The first EMS domestic company with aerospace certification.
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One stop. All solutions.

Design for Manufacturing

The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) employs all of our expertise and German technology to foresee and solve problems that may take place during the product design. Improves manufacturing efficiency, reducing costs, launch and ramp-up time.

Design for Tests

Hand-in-hand with the previous phase, the Design for Test (DfT) offers a full assessment of the product in terms of tests and reliability, ensuring that the delivery will be made with high quality mitigating the margin for manufacturing hurdles.


Anticipation is essential. Hi-Mix counts on the expertise, strength and resources to provide prototypes with swiftness and high quality. Our inventory reckons on several electronic components. And our experience will be decisive for the launch of your project.

Pilot Batch

Our remarkable capacity enables the production of small lots for validation and the forecasting of series production during a later stage.

Besides this, we develop customized tooling and packaging to comply with the specifications of your product with the best performance and production cost.

Supply Chain

With the full command of our expertise, appropriate resources are used to attain the supply chain, enabling the procurement team to conduct a more thorough investigation of markets.

Our components are acquired from high quality manufacturers indicated in their B.O.M or from our global network of selected suppliers, ensuring the validity of our purchases.

Manufacturing Processes

Integration time with our EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service production lines producing the core of your product, managing resources in real time with strict Quality Control and Certifications.

As the result of constant investments, we started to use SAP Preactor as an APS, an advanced sequencing solution for production planning that confers quality and accuracy.


During this phase, we are ready to deliver your product which is previously tested and in functioning mode, which comprises the software and firmware recordings, electrical, in-circuit, parametric and functional tests.

The technical area and the engineering teams develop and test each item, ensuring the general quality parameters during the assembly process of your product.

Box Build

And to give you more peace of mind, we can fully integrate your product with a high-level of swiftness and security in all manufacturing processes. We carry out integrations from the simplest to the most complex, according to your needs.

Aftermarket Services Assistance

This phase is where we strengthen our connections. We know that a strong and efficient after-sales service is essential to your success.

We offer Aftermarket Services Assistance with full coverage, uniquely designed to surpass the needs of your product lines.

Life cycle

You can count on us up to this point! With future generations in our minds, in addition to the compliance with environmental standards, we carry out the product lifecycle management solution with intelligent and responsive support.

This is another option that was envisaged to protect the integrity of your project, with a vision of the future in mind, fully compliant with the established environmental standards.

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The state of art in terms of electronics


Resources efficiency is one of the core aspects of our work.


We strive towards high-level performance with our certifications and recognitions.

high complexity

We are specialists in the integration of high-up complexity.

Full Management

We take care of all stages, from electronic integration to logistics.


Our vision of a future is oriented towards innovation, in the pursuit of new technologies and practices.

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The best design for manufacturing, engineering and technology on an exceptional scale.

Nationalize your product.
Hi-Mix is your industry in Brazil with the highest global standards.

Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Hi-mix's success can be seen in every detail
Logo Hi-Mix

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