We are specialists in Outsourcing of Electronic Circuit Boards and Products (Contract Manufacturing) and offer some clear differentials in our operations. Take a look at our service portfolio.

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

We assemble, integrate and test electronic circuit boards with precision and quality. The Outsourcing of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) offers solid competitive advantages for your business. Instead of administrating several items of a product, you can focus exclusively on your business goals.

More benefits
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased production capacity
  • Monitoring of technologies
  • Management of specialized human resources
  • Eliminates the need for large stocks and reduces risk of component shortages in the market
Hi-mix technologies

We use Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and the traditional Through-Hole Technology (THT) and we also develop functional tests.

In the area of SMT, Hi-mix relies on high technology, including lining machines capable of assembling components such as Fine Pitch, BGA, Micro BGA, Micro QFP, 0402 and 0201 as well as reflow ovens that weld the most complex components, including Lead Free.

Turnkey. Global competitiveness with local operations.

Hi-mix purchases and administrates components (Turnkey) through global suppliers and managers at strategic locations to bring what is most essential for your company: competitiveness, among other benefitss.

  • International offices in both the United States and Asia.
  • Efficiency, flexibility and reduced final costs.
  • We study and suggest solutions designed to boost your competitiveness, including sales forecasts together with the company to determine the most suitable lot to meet your demand.
  • Imports and shortages of materials in the market are no longer problems faced by your purchasing department. Hi-mix works to ensure that your line never stops.

Prototype and Pilot Lot.
When getting their first is crucial.

Your product needs to be launched with quality and speed. With the growth in the number of competitors and speed of transformation in the electronics market, these issues are essential.

Hi-mix has the expertise, strength and resources to deliver prototypes with a high level of efficiency and quality. Our stock contains countless electronic component items. Our experience will be decisive when launching your project.

Electrical Test
Responsibility and dedication to a single result.

Hi-mix is ready to deliver your product perfectly tested and operating, including electrical, in-circuit, parametric & functional tests.

The technical area and engineering teams develop and test each item, guaranteeing overall quality during your product’s assembly process.

RF Test Laboratory

Hi-mix works with a team of engineers specialized in preparing performance tests, based on the profile and characteristics of your product.

We also offer the support necessary for highly complex tests, such as functional, ICT, or MDA tests (using TRI & HP) that demand communication with the server (local or remote).

Hi-mix also has an area dedicated to testing equipment that uses RF, GSM, GPS, and GPRS, among others.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Hi-mix understands that strong and efficient post-sales support is crucial for the product’s success. We offer total support with reverse RMA logistics and product or firmware updates, together with repairs for items under warranty or out of warranty.

Material Procurement

Hi-mix applies the right resource, focus and strength to cover the entire supply chain, allowing the sales team to effectively sweep markets.

Our strategic partners work to ensure that our clients enjoy a clear competitive advantage during material procurement.

We procure components from high quality manufacturers indicated in your B.O.M. or from our global network of selected suppliers, guaranteeing the origin of our procurements.

  • Supply of obsolete parts.
  • Development of alternative part numbers.
  • Price protection policy for your project.
  • Strategic relations with suppliers all over the world.
  • Origin of the most high quality supplies to guarantee continuous productivity.
  • Inspection, verification and testing of electronic components on-site at the main manufacturers from Asia, Europe and the United States.
  • We offer our expertise of the international market, plus an entire division dedicated to Supply Chain.

Metallographic Analysis

Hi-mix also has a metallography laboratory that prevents the non-compatibility of supplies and materials during the welding process.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Process focused on the production of small lots for validation and later staggered mass production.

We are your electronic integration factory in Brazil

For foreign companies that want to set up operations in Brazil, Hi-mix offers all of the necessary support to make the operation feasible, as well as the support required for product nationalization, in compliance with all applicable tax incentive laws and rules.

Cost Reduction through Tax Incentives 
Basic Production Process (BPP)

Hi-mix offers consulting from its own experienced team, which works together with governmental agencies to offer tax incentives for your product, complying with Brazil’s Information Science Law and BPP rules.

Distribution Logistics

To make the process more convenient, Hi-mix offers transport for its own employees and selected partners and controls and manages the delivery logistics process until the product arrives at your company.

We Live by Lean

Inspired by results-focused change, our employees live by the Lean philosophy.

Development of customized Tools and Packaging for each product

With a highly specialized technical team that has extensive knowledge of the electronics manufacturing process, we develop customized Tools & Packaging in order to meet the characteristics of Your Product, improving performance and cutting production costs.

Dedicated Client Services

We know that receiving fast information is important to you. That is why we have dedicated multidisciplinary teams to serve you better. Technical & Commercial Support focused on your product, streamlining daily processes.

Full Traceability

Precise information is crucial for decision making. That is why Hi-mix offers the Full Traceability service, which includes monitoring of raw materials, supplies and phases of all the processes used to manufacture each part. This makes it possible to complete the reverse process and reach the supplier chain, as well as determine affected lots. This resource allows us to integrate our traceability system with yours to guarantee the continuity of the manufacturing chain.

Committed to Quality

  • Visual and dimensional inspection and tests conducted on the raw material received.
  • Visual inspection of 100% of parts at the end of each manufacturing phase.
  • Automated inspections in the SMT process, with the use of AOI & SPI.
  • Inspection at the end of the OBA line.

Management of product end-of-life

Electronic waste is a problem of global proportions. Thinking of future generations while also complying with environmental standards, Hi-mix offers its management solution for product end-of-life. It is yet another option in our service portfolio designed to protect the integrity of your project, offer a vision of the future and respect the established environmental standards.

Complete Management

Using the art of convergence to ensure gains for your business.


Joining the future with the present