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(Electronic Manufacturing Service)

We assemble, integrate and test electronic boards with precision and quality. Electronic Services Outsourcing (EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service) will give your business solid competitive advantages.

Instead of managing multiple items of a product, you’ll be able to focus only on your operating areas.

Reasons to Hire Us


Costs reduction


Increase in production capacity


New technologies monitoring


Specialized human resource management


Excludes the need for large inventories and the risk of lack of components

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We are your Electronic Integration Factory in Brazil

For overseas companies that would like to extend their activities to the Brazilian market, Hi-Mix provides all of the support in the implementation of the process, in addition to the product nationalization in compliance with the laws and tax incentives regulations.

Cost Reduction through Tax Incentives

Hi-Mix offers the consultancy of its own and experienced team that works with government agencies in order to achieve the feasibility of your tax incentives, in compliance with the Informatics Law and the PPB (Basic Productive Process) regulation.

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Service Portfolio

An ecosystem connected to innovation and technology

EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Service

We assemble, integrate and test electronic boards with precision and quality. Electronic Services Outsourcing (EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service) will give your business solid competitive advantages. Instead of managing multiple items of a product, you’ll be able to focus only on your operating areas.

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Hi-Mix technologies

We use surface technology (SMT) and traditional technology (THT), in addition to the development of functional tests.

In the SMT area, Hi-Mix relies on high technology, including insertion machines with the capability of assembling components such as Fine Pitch, BGA, Micro BGA, Micro QFP and 01005 components, and also remelting ovens that will weld the most complex components, including Lead Free.


Hi-Mix buys and manages components (Turnkey) by means of global suppliers and managers in strategic locations to give your company the most essential element to its continuity: competitiveness.

Product Engineering

The Design for Manufacturing (DfM) will leverage all of our expertise integrated with the DFM SW of the German technology to foresee and solve product design issues. It also improves manufacturing efficiency, reduces costs, launch time and ramp-up.

This step together with the Design for Test (DfT), which comprises the full analysis of the product regarding tests and reliability and also integrated all of our expertise with the DFT SW of French technology, ensures a delivery with minimum margin in terms of manufacturing challenges and high quality.

Prototype and Pilot Batch

Anticipation is essential. Your product needs to be launched with quality and speed. These requirements are more than essential with the increase of competitors and the speed of transformation of the electronic market.

Hi-Mix counts on the expertise, strength and resources to provide prototypes with swiftness and high quality. Our inventory reckons on several electronic components. And our experience will be decisive for the launch of your project.

NPI (New Product Introduction)

A process that is aimed at the production of small batches that will be submitted to validation and the subsequent scheduling of series production.

Tooling and Packaging Development

With a highly specialized technical team that is knowledgeable in the electronics manufacturing process, we develop customized Tooling and Packaging mechanisms to meet the characteristics of your product, enabling the best performance and production cost.

Complete Supply Chain Mastery

In Material Procurement Solutions, Hi-mix applies all resources that are suitable, focus and strength to reach the supply chain, enabling the purchasing team to investigate these markets effectively.

We believe in our strategic partnerships that will enable our customers to achieve the competitive advantage in our material acquisition.

Our components are acquired from high quality manufacturers indicated in their B.O.M or from our global network of selected suppliers, ensuring the validity of our purchases.


Production Management with SAP and Preactor

We manage resources in real time. As a result of constant investments and modernization, we have adopted Preactor as our APS (Advanced Planning Schedule), an advanced sequencing solution with a high quality and accurate output.

The entire production process is organized pursuant to specific objectives such as costs and delays, manufacturing time or mold change time mitigation.

It is the best tool for the PCP (Programming and Production Control) sector with the Siemens® technology seal.

Electrical Test

Hi-Mix is ready to deliver your product perfectly tested and in operational condition, including electrical, circuit, parametric and functional tests.

The technical area and the engineering teams develop and test each item, ensuring the general quality parameters during the assembly process of your product.

RF Products Production Lines

Our company reckons on a team of engineers with expertise in the preparation of performance tests, according to the profile and characteristics of your product.

We offer the necessary support for highly complex tests such as functional, ICT or MDA (using TRI & HP) which require communication with a server (local or remote).

Hi-Mix is also equipped with an area dedicated to products testing with RF, Mobile Communication 2/3/4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth technology among others.

Quality Control

Analysis Laboratory

We solve problems quickly with our own laboratories that are fully equipped for these cases.

Distribution Logistics

We control and manage the total logistics process up to your company’s door. For more convenience, Hi-Mix offers its own transport and also transport done by selected partners.

Dedicated Customer Service

Nós sabemos que o acesso a informações rápidas é fundamental para você e para seu negócio. Para melhor atendê-lo, A Hi-Mix conta com equipes multidisciplinares de Suporte Técnico e Comercial focado no seu produto, com muito mais agilidade nos processos diários.

Total Traceability

Accurate information is essential for the decision-making process and for this reason, Hi-Mix offers the Total Traceability service, with the monitoring of the raw material, supplies and all of the stages involved in each process that is used during the manufacture of each part.

Our traceability process is advanced and attains the component level with all of the information required to pinpoint which is the batch of the part. We work with highly reliable laser engraving. In this sense, it is possible to conduct the reverse process in order to reach the supply chain and also to establish the coverage batches.

This resource enables the possibility of integration of our traceability system with your system to ensure the constancy of the manufacturing chain.

Aftermarket Services Assistance

Hi-Mix understands that a strong and efficient aftermarket services is essential for the success of your business. We offer Aftermarket Services Assistance with full coverage, uniquely designed to surpass the needs of your product lines.

From firmware updates and repairs to items under warranty or out of warranty, you can rely on our excellence and speed.

Lifecycle management

With future generations in our mind in liaison with the compliance of environmental standards, Hi-Mix conducts the product lifecycle management solution with intelligent and responsive support for you and your product. This is another service option in our portfolio that envisages the protection of the integrity of your project with full focus on the future and compliance with established environmental standards.

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