We take electronic integration to the next level

We have built decades of experience in liaison with exclusive expertise in intelligent electronic integration with high technical capacity, hand-in-hand with solid know-how in all manufacturing processes: from the design for manufacturing phase to the product lifecycle management.

Our Mission

To provide electronic solutions to all of our customers, always in compliance with the specificities of each one, the people involved in the process and the environment.

Manufacturing plant

Plant expertise. Our plant and factory integration expedites the deployment and delivery of your product

With a manufacturing plant already adapted to Industry 4.0, we have bypassed the boundaries of digitalization and moved on to a self-governing plant, with sensory machines and the digital management expertise of the company with reduced lead time, high productivity, quality and reliability.

Hi-Mix’s plant is strategically located: in the city of Pato Branco (PR), a Regional Hub of higher education in technology and electronics.

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With modern facilities and manufacturing lines, the plant has a production capacity of over 1 million components on an hourly basis, including BGA, FINE PITCH, QFN, DSP, 0402, 0201, 01005, MELF, among others, occupying a total area of 505,900 ft², with 96,800 ft² of built area.


We use surface technology (SMT) and traditional technology (THT), in addition to the development of functional tests.

In the SMT area, Hi-Mix relies on high technology, including insertion machines with the capability of assembling components such as Fine Pitch, BGA, Micro BGA, Micro QFP and 01005 components, and also remelting ovens that will weld the most complex components, including Lead Free.

SMT Lines

THT Lines

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