Management System

The Hi-mix Management team ensures that the company’s Quality and Environmental Policy is aligned with its commitment to meet the requirements necessary to guarantee the continuous improvement and boosted efficiency of the Integrated Management System, providing all of the structure necessary for the critical analysis of its quality objectives.

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy is communicated, understood and critically analyzed to ensure its continued suitability in the Management System. The company relies on the participation of all of its employees to implement the quality process, and these employees have access to a continued training structure and clear and dynamic management, together with the implementation of the LEAN philosophy to ensure the improved effectiveness and efficiency of the processes, making them more robust.

By following such procedures, Hi-mix honors its commitment to the transparency of the information it offers employees, clients and suppliers.

 Quality and Environmental Policy

Our commitment is to offer solutions in electronics, focusing constantly on the following (rev.01):

Meeting client requirements and guaranteeing their satisfaction;
Complying with applicable environmental law and standards;
Preventing pollution and ensuring responsible waste and energy management;
Continuous improvement of our products, processes, and systems;
Training and satisfaction of our employees.
Our mission

Offer solutions in electronics to clients, always respecting the specific characteristics of each, the people involved with the process and the environment.

Committed to Quality

Hi-mix has separate areas for Product Quality and Engineering, Process and Test, which are responsible for contributing through the company’s management policies, suppling products with maximum efficiency and guaranteed quality based on the following control principles:

-Visual and dimensional inspection and tests conducted on the raw material received.
-Visual inspection of 100% of parts at the end of each manufacturing phase.
-Automated inspections in the SMT process, with the use of AOI and SPI.
-Inspection at the end of the OBA line.
-Measurement and control of solder paste.
-Control via the FIFO System for Raw Materials and Supplies.
-Special care with the verification and calibration of machines and equipment.
-Adoption of in-circuit, parametric, and functional tests.
-Metallography Laboratory.
-Microscopy analysis.
-Process audits.
-Automatic depanelization process.
-Development of dedicated tools for each product.
-Development of customized packaging.
-Specialized assembly cells for each product or client.
-Record created via the system and automatically from test log.
-Team certified in IPC – international standard for electronic circuit board assembly.
-Continuous employee training.
-Traceability of 100% of all raw material and the process used for each product.
-Possibility of integrating our traceability system with your system for the continuation of the manufacturing chain.


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