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Management System

Hi-Mix's management ensures that the company's Quality and Environment Policy is in line with its commitment to fulfill the requirements needed for continuous improvement and increased efficiency of the Integrated Management System, providing the entire structure for analysis critical of your quality goals.

The Integrated Quality and Environment Policy is intertwined, acknowledged and critically analyzed to maintain its adequacy in the Management System.

The company counts on the participation of all employees in the execution of the quality process, with a structure of continuous training, clear and dynamic management at the disposal of the company with full involvement in the Lean philosophy which provide a high-level effectiveness and efficiency based on robust processes.

By following these procedures, Hi-Mix fulfills its commitment towards the transparency of the information that is provided to its employees, customers and suppliers.

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Commitment with Quality

Hi-Mix has different Quality and Product, Process and Test Engineering areas that are in charge for the contribution through management policies, in the supply of products with maximum efficiency and quality assurance, based on the following Control principles:

Integrated Quality and Environment Policy

Our commitment is to provide electronic solutions always aiming:

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